Of Beginnings, Blocks and Brothers

I have wonderful memories of my childhood.  My dad was in the Air Force, so we moved around a lot.  But because I had four brothers, I always had friends and playmates.  We had toy guns and bow and arrows.  We had hoppity horses and Big Wheels.  We had GI Joes when they were big like Barbie dolls.  But, one of our favorite toys was a large simple set of wooden building blocks.  It seems like they became a part of every game.  They were the fort, the castle, the pile of gold, the campfire, and the marble machine.  They were always out and always played with.  The picture is me, and my little brother Jared (he's 34 now).

A few years ago, my parents were cleaning out their garage, getting ready to move again.  With all their boys grown, they didn't want to move the blocks.  I don't know why they decided to give them to me, but I'm glad they did.  Maybe it was because they knew how much I loved them, or maybe it was because they knew that my six kids would love them as much as I did.  Whatever the reason, I got them.

After watching my own kids fall in love with my old wooden blocks over the last few years, Heather and I decided that we wanted to share.  We used my 40 year old set as inspiration to create a simple toy that will unleash your child's imagination.  These new blocks feel like home.  We brought a new set into our house, and my kids can't keep their hands off them.  I think the same thing will happen in your home.

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